Lawn Care & Landscaping Services Buyer’s Guide: #2 What Landscaping Tasks Do You Have the Time and Equipment To Complete Yourself?

Looking to hire or replace a professional lawn maintenance company? We’ve created this Lawn Care Services Buyer’s Guide Blog Series to make your decision as easy as possible. You’ve figured out your landscaping situation and what services you need and now you need to figure out which, if any, tasks you want to do yourself. To complete the tasks… [Read More]

Lawn & Landscaping Tips – How Can I Fix Drainage Problems In My Yard?

Drainage problems can happen in even the most well maintained yards and they are one of the biggest problems a homeowner can have to fix. Patios and walkways can crack because of soggy ground. Roots will rot and mosquitoes will swarm near soil that doesn’t properly drain. It’s best to catch drainage problems early so be on… [Read More]

Commercial Landscaping Tips – Some Things to Prepare For When Creating Your Annual Landscaping Budget

Does your commercial landscaping budget allow for all your short term and long term landscaping goals? The following tips will help you avoid some common landscape budgeting mistakes we see Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky Businesses make year after year. Leave Room For Material Cost Increases Leave some room for price inflation for plants and other… [Read More]

Northern Kentucky Landscaping Tips – Why You Need To Remove Tree Stumps From Your Yard

Tree Stumps Are Ugly  Have you ever heard somebody say… “Man, if I could just have a few more stumps in my yard, it would look great!” Stumps hurt the curb appeal and the value of your home. Tree Stumps Can Be Dangerous If you hit a stump with your mower it’s not going to be… [Read More]

Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky Landscaping Tips – How to Create a Dog Friendly Yard

Have you wondered how you could make your yard not only a nice tranquil place for you, but also for your dog? Here are some ideas to help make your yard a better place for you and your dog. A Fence for Privacy and Safety A fence not only provides privacy, but it also adds… [Read More]

What To Do When Your Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky Retaining Wall Needs To Be More Than 3-4 Foot Tall?

Retain walls can be pretty and can add texture and elevation to your landscaping designs but most of the time they are created to hold back soil and sometimes water. They are made from a variety of materials such as, cut stone, natural stone, wood, or brick and add a tiered effect to a landscaping design in… [Read More]

Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky Lawn Care Tips – Should You Bag Your Grass Clippings?

Many people ask if they should bag or mulch their grass clippings. Mulching your grass clippings is going to be best whenever possible. It will help save you money, help save the environment, and help your grass be greener. Mulching Makes Grass Greener A study over several years shown that clippings from lawns contain 46%-59%… [Read More]

Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky Landscaping Tips – Landscaping Design Mistakes to Avoid in Your Front Yard!

What you don’t know about trees, plants, and grass CAN hurt your curb appeal and the value of your house. The following mistakes are the ones we see homeowners making year after year… Lack of Proper Planning Many homeowners just rush into planting things here and there without a plan. A proper plan will require that… [Read More]

Why Your Trees and Shrubs Still Need Some Loving Care After Their Leaves Fall

There are some routine tasks that you can undertake each fall and winter to make sure your trees are ready for the spring.  Reduce Next Year’s Pest by Spraying Oil Insects and mites love to live and lay eggs in the cracks of bark, on twigs, and pine needles. You can spray trees with horticultural oil in… [Read More]

Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky Lawn Care Tips – How To Get Rid of The Weeds In Your Yard

Are you tired of seeing weeds in your yard? Have you ever wondered why they keeping coming back no matter what you do? Tired of pulling them out? Tired of using weed killers and seeing the weeds still return? The following reasons are why you are struggling…. Wrong Weed Control Solutions Most types of weed… [Read More]