Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky Lawn Care Tips – Should You Bag Your Grass Clippings?

mowing grassMany people ask if they should bag or mulch their grass clippings. Mulching your grass clippings is going to be best whenever possible. It will help save you money, help save the environment, and help your grass be greener.

Mulching Makes Grass Greener

A study over several years shown that clippings from lawns contain 46%-59% nitrogen. This nitrogen provides half of the fertilizer your yard needs, which will allow your grass to be greener.

Mulching Saves You Money

Recycling grass clippings provides many of the nutrients your grass needs to grow thick and green. This will save you from having to buy as much fertilizer. 

Mulching Helps the Environment

Studies have shown that nearly 20% of solid waste deposited in landfills is from yard debris. In addition, a study in a city of 80,000 people revealed that over 700 tons of grass clippings were deposited in their landfill WEEKLY! This debris and yard clipping takes up valuable space in landfills that could be easily avoided.

When Not to Mulch Your Grass Clippings

If your grass has a specific turf disease then you will not want to mulch your grass clippings until the grass is disease free!

You’ll Want a Mulch Mower

If you have a mulch mower, it will chop the grass clippings into finer pieces and will not need to be mowed over again until thinned out. If you have a side-discharge mower, the mower may spit our thick clumps of grass. This would have to be mowed over until the grass piles are thin and easier to decompose.

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