Commercial Landscaping Tips – Some Things to Prepare For When Creating Your Annual Landscaping Budget

landscaping budgetDoes your commercial landscaping budget allow for all your short term and long term landscaping goals? The following tips will help you avoid some common landscape budgeting mistakes we see Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky Businesses make year after year.

Leave Room For Material Cost Increases

Leave some room for price inflation for plants and other materials. Nothing stays the same price forever.

Think of Your Long Term Landscaping Goals

Take into consideration the high mowing season, along with fertilizations, aerations, and plant replacements that are needed for different times throughout the year. Budget in larger projects also because if you don’t budget for it, it probably won’t happen. Make sure to focus on high activity points where staff, visitors, and customers interact and have the most visibility such as, entrances, entries, signage, break areas, etc.

Irrigation is Always a Work in Progress

As turf and shrub areas are renovated new irrigation changes will need to be made based on the new plants and their watering needs.

Do You Have Any Safety Concerns 

If you have any safety concerns that need attention? If so, then make sure to put that in the budget this year. One slip, fall, or worse accident will make you wish you did! Do you have any sidewalks that are damaged? Do you have any uneven turf? Do you have any overgrowth that makes it hard for people to see where they are going?

Remembers Some Commonly Overlooked Maintenance Services

  • Detention and Retention Pond Maintenance – You don’t want any runoff issues to creep up and you need to keep your ponds up to code.
  • Large Tree Care – Old and large trees require more pruning and care.
  • Plant Replacement – The circle of life includes your plants! You don’t want unhealthy, tired, or dead plants in your landscaping.
  • Irrigation Maintenance – Your irrigation system will need maintenance each year to run smoothly. Wire, valves, and spray heads will all need to be replaced from time to time.

You could attempt to do all of this yourself or have 2 guys and a truck handle it for you…


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