Lawn Care Tips – Getting Your Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky Lawn As Green As Your Neighbors!

You and your neighbor both share the same climate and you both water them the same, so why is their lawn greener than yours?  There are reasons why this happens and they can be fixed so that your lawn is as green as the house next door.

green lawn

Don’t Cut Your Lawn Too Low

If you cut your lawn too low then you are stopping the roots from being fed the water they need to be strong. Make sure to maintain your lawn at 3 or 4 inches in height.

Your Dirt May Needs Some Love

Your dirt could need nutrients to help your grass to grow and be green as you like. Compressed dirt will need to be aerated 1-2 times a year.  It’s also a good idea to to add garden compost to gaps and holes in your lawn. Add some nitrogen, your lawns favorite food, to your dirt two times a year.

Too Much Pee…Yep We Said It!

Large amounts of Doggie pee will burn your lawn and create staining and bald spots unless it’s washed quickly. Try to train your dog peeing elsewhere or in spots that aren’t super visible in your yard.

Mulch Your Leaves

Use a mulching lawn mower to reduce your leaves to a size of a penny.  These leaves will feed your lawn!

Don’t Overwater Your Lawn

Don’t water your lawn daily. Sprinkle it here and there during normal periods of rainfall. Your lawn needs about 1 inch of water each week so figure what mother nature has provided that week in before you water your lawn.


The right amount of water and healthy dirt is your way to a lush green lawn

You could attempt to do all of this yourself…


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