Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky Landscaping Tips – How to Create a Dog Friendly Yard

dog viewing fenceHave you wondered how you could make your yard not only a nice tranquil place for you, but also for your dog? Here are some ideas to help make your yard a better place for you and your dog.

A Fence for Privacy and Safety

A fence not only provides privacy, but it also adds security to you and your dog. Although, our dogs would prefer to roam free, for safety of your pet, a fence is recommended. However, you can make the fence like look more natural and beautiful by adding in greenery along the fence line. Be sure to check the fence line monthly to be sure your pet hasn’t dug an escape route under the fence. Dogs can get bored when left outside, provide your pet with a viewing area to see the world outside of the fence. This will keep your dog from getting bored and lonely. Your dog will have a greater sense of ownership and will be a happier pet.

Provide a Path So Your Dog Doesn’t Make One On His Own

You can keep your dog path free by providing a path for your pet. Provide your pet with a brick or stone path and you will be surprised how much they will use it! This will allow your lawn to stay greener and healthier.

A Nice Looking Pet Fountain Keeps Your Dog And You Happy

Provide your dog with a fresh water source such as a pet fountain. This will allow your dog stay hydrated and have a sense of ownership.

Designated Digging Areas 

Provide your pet with a designated digging area. This will prevent your dog from digging up your flowers and plants. These digging areas are usually filled with small stones and sand. You can encourage your dog to use the digging area by burying a few of his/her favorite toys or bones in the yard.

Provide a Bunch of Shelter and Shade

Provide your dog with some kind of shelter and/or shade. We never know when the weather can take a quick change. Allowing your dog a safe place to escape the harsh heat or a storm will allow him/her to feel more calm and safe.

You could attempt to do all of this yourself…


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