Getting Your Yard Ready for Spring

WheelbarrowSpring is just around the corner!  Each spring your yard needs some routine yard maintenance. What you do in this spring will help you get your yard in top-shape for this summer.

Tips For Cleaning Up Your Lawn This Spring…

  • Prune away dead and damaged branches of trees, shrubs, and grasses.  – Use a small handsaw or clippers to trim away damaged parts of the plant so the healthy parts of the plants get the sunlight they need to thrive.
  • Clean around plants. – Rake fallen leaves and other dead matter from around your plants.
  • Prepare your grass for spring. – Test the soil’s pH levels so you can make sure it grows back right. You can buy a pH soil testing kit at any home improvement store. Work in some compost and fertilizer to your lawn if it needs it.
  • Clean the surfaces of all your hardscape surfaces. – Clear away all the salt that you have loosed on your walkways and paths. are probably filthy. Sweep them up and make sure they look good.

Are More Flowers, Shrubs, or Trees in Your Yard’s Future?

We are approaching the perfect time to start planting new flowers, shrubs, and tree. Some simple tree, bush, and flower additions can transform your yard from good to STUNNING!.

Have fun if it’s your cup of tea but we know that pruning and lawn preparation can be tricky and a hassle! You can always leave it to the Pros at Outer Image Outdoor Services to help you with your landscaping.

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Some Examples…