Well Thought Outside Yard Designs: A Way To Achieve Great First Impressions and Elegance

Side yards 3Are you at a loss on what to do with your side yard ? With just a few tweaks here and there, Outer Image can transform your side yard into some much more functional and beautiful then before! Side yards are often overlooked in most landscape designs but they are essential in bringing your front and back yard designs into a proper a design flow. Side yard designs can bring a nice combination of privacy and intimacy, if done right.

Some Ideas for Your Side Yard…

  • A Path – Maybe a nice stone walkway that could beautify the stroll from your front yard to back yard
  • Softscaping – Plants, shrubs, and trees can add a lush green area where just grass was before!
  • Seating Area – Add a table and some chairs along with some  plants for an additional sitting area option
  • Pet Area – Fence a small area of your side yard for your pets to enjoy!
  • Water Feature(s) – Fountains and waterfalls really bring the elegance to a side yard
  • A Terraced Garden – Install a small retaining wall area to where your can plant flowers, plants, or vegetables

Outer Image can create and maintain an affordable landscape design that gives your company or home the impression of excellence and elegance to all who visit.

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A Selection of Featured Side Yard Projects…