Want to Use Your Yard for “Outdoor Living” This Summer? Now Is the Time for Designing and Scheduling Your Project and Ordering Materials!

Outdoor Living 2“Outdoor Living” is one of the top 25 housing trends for 20015 according to Realtor® Magazine. It’s all about turning the outdoor of your home into a multifunctional retreat for your guests and family. Memorial Day will be here before you know it so now is the time to start thinking about your pool landscaping. 

Plan Now While Landscapers Have the Time to Make Plans

Maybe you’ve decided to add a pool for the summer or maybe you just want to rework your current pool landscaping. Both will require quite a bit of forethought and planning so don’t wait until it’s warm to start.  Once the warm weather rolls in, it’s going to be tough to get a landscaper to focus on your project with their workloads the way they ar in the summer.  Plan now, get the products ordered/reserved, then pre schedule the days to have the work done. You’ll be ready to swim in your sanctuary the first warm day in May!!!!

Questions To Ask Yourself When Planning Your Pool Landscaping…

  • Where the sun from in my yard?
  • What will compliment the size and shape of my pool?
  • How will the unevenness of my yard affect my pool and landscaping?
  • What kinds of  plant life would I like around the pool?
  • What materials do I want to use for poolside construction (pavers, stone, bricks, wood, etc.)?
  • What overall color scheme do I want?
  • What complemental fixtures do I want with my pool and landscaping (slide, hot tub, grill, dining area, etc.)?
  • Am I going for sports look or an intimate/getaway look and feel?  Would I like the pool to be inclosed?

The pros at Outer Image Outdoor Services can build outdoor living landscaping to meet your needs and make it look like it belongs there aesthetically with the other parts of your yard and home. 

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Some Examples…