Walkways: Creating Curb Appeal and Beauty for Your Family And Guests

walkways 3When your home and its curb appeal are involved, walkways are more than just a way to get from Point A to Point B. Walkways turn ordinary yards into something special and elegant for your family and guests. Walkways quickly become showpieces that show off the rest of your landscaping. With some of the tips below you can make sure that your walkway is visually pleasing from the curb and the path.

Before creating a new walkway taking into consideration….

  • The course your walkway will take
  • The materials it will be made out of

Enhance a current walkway with…

  • Lighting
  • Plantings
  • Landscaping Details (large rocks, ponds, etc.)

Designing The Path of Your Walkway

Your walkway design will need to take into consideration what it is going to be used for. If the walkway will be connecting a sidewalk or a driveway to your front door, you will probably want it to be fairly straight. If you walkway is passing through a larger area, like a backyard, then you can have it less straight and go for a wandering feel, showcasing landscaping details and specific plantings along with way. The varying terrain of your yard can be incorporated into its design.

Selecting Materials for Your Walkway

  • Pavers – Pavers come in varying sizes, shapes and colors. They are for making patterns in walkways and steps, and are strong enough for driveways. Pavers can help define gentle curves around trees and bushes.
  • Flagstone – Flagstone has a bunch different textures and characteristics to choose from. It can add a rustic look to your project and easily show a natural foot path across your landscaping. Sometimes, individual stones can be surrounded by gravel, grass or other natural materials. Flagstones allow excess water to run off quickly, which makes them good for walking on in wet weather.
  • Plantings – Define the borders of your walkway with plantings. Flowers with various colors can be arranged along the way to increase the beauty of your walkway. Large plants and hedges can be strategically placed to break up the landscape and obscuring view beyond the next bend.
  • Landscape Lighting – There is no better way to create nighttime charm and safety than with landscape lighting. Down lighting will illuminate the way, including potential hazards, while adding a gentle glow to rest of your landscaping.

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Examples of  Some Nice Walkways…