Tips To Keep Your Driveway From Ruining You Curb Appeal

Travertine DrivewayDriveways can be large so you want to make sure you don’t allows them to steal your curb appeal. Driveways are the first things guest interact with when visiting! A beautiful driveway can really spruce up your front yard! 

Decide On Materials for Your Driveway

  • Brick Driveways – You have many options with brick driveways, including a classic look, a rustic look, or a flat out elegant design with intricate patterns.
  • Travertine Driveways – A softer and more delicate feel than brick, a good choice for a more subtle driveway design.
  • Permeable concrete – A great look and they are self-draining to prevent erosion over time.  Great in situations when your current driveway holds standing water.


Questions To Ask Before You Build…

  • Do you want walkways to your yard that shoot off your driveway?
  • Do you want to increase or decrease the size of your driveway?
  • Do you want to add some ares in or around the driveway for softscaping or hardscaping?

Call someone with experience to handle such an intimidating project. Outer Image can build a driveway that gives your company or home the impression of excellence and elegance to all who visit.

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