Sod Vs Grass Seed: Learn Their Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Quickness – Sod’s primary advantage is how quick it makes a difference to your yard. It’s almost instant. Seems between sod rolls quickly knit  to each other and in a week you will be walking on it.
  • Tough Install – Laying the sod can take some time and it may require topsoil. Turf rolls are heavy. You must know how to cut and trim the sod to fit your given area.
  • Expensive – Sod can also be quite expensive, especially for a large yard.


  • grass seedEasy Install – Most lawns will takes about 30 minutes to sow and rake.
  • Less Expensive – The cost of enough seeds to sow an entire lawn is considerably less than the cost of enough turf for a lawn, and you’ll probably have enough seeds left over to fill in any gaps. In addition to price, set up time is also an advantage of seeds, as
  • Slow Grow-in – It takes a while for seeds to grow into a good lawn, usually about six weeks for the seeds to fully grow into full grass that can be cut. Seeds are also vulnerable to plant and animal invaders. Weeds will be more likely to grow in the bare patches. Laying down netting helps keep the seeds from being compromised.

If you want a quick lawn and are willing to do the heavy lifting, and have money to spare, then sod is the best option for you. If you budget is small, you want an easy setup and have time to spare then seed my be your best option. Either option can give you a good lawn if you take the necessary steps to make sure everything goes well. Having a professional on the job will ensure the best results for your new lawn!

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