Lawn Tips – How to Get Your Lawn Ready for Fall…

fall lawn seedingIt’s that time of year again when the kids are back in school, the weather is starting to change and so is your yard. It’s time to get your lawn ready for these changes. Here are some things you should do for your lawn to keep it healthy during these upcoming colder months.


Continue to water and mow your lawn as necessary. As summer ends, lower the blade on your lawn mower to the lowest setting for the last 2-3 cuttings. This will allow more sunlight to reach the base of the grass and will keep your grass green during the winter months.

Weed Control

It is now the best time to apply an herbicide to make sure the weeds don’t come back in the spring. It is recommended to apply herbicides early-to-mid fall.


I know all of those leaves that fall on the ground can be such a hassle and can easily get neglected. It is highly recommended to rake the leaves. If the leaves are left on your lawn, they will pick up moisture from dew and rain. Once they are filled with moisture it begins to decay your lawn
and creates a habitat for fungus to grow.


Aerating your lawn in the fall will break up the heavy topsoil of your lawn. This will help the roots grow deeply and produce a stronger, more vigorous lawn. Aerating is mainly to alleviate soil compaction.


The best time to reseed your lawn is late summer to early fall. New seeds should be watered a couple of times a day until the grass has grown about 1-1 ½ inches high. Also, be sure when you fertilize, that you are using fertilizer for new grass.

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