Lawn & Landscaping Tips – How Can I Fix Drainage Problems In My Yard?

drainage problemsDrainage problems can happen in even the most well maintained yards and they are one of the biggest problems a homeowner can have to fix. Patios and walkways can crack because of soggy ground. Roots will rot and mosquitoes will swarm near soil that doesn’t properly drain. It’s best to catch drainage problems early so be on the lockup for the following…

Watch for Wet Spots

Look for areas in your yard that ar soggy or spongy to the touch. It could be because of the type of soil you have or the way the land lays.

Heaps of Mulch or Soil in the Yard

If you see mulch or top soil, silt, or bark in heaps in your yard, you know that there is a problem with your ground absorbing the water.

Cracks in the Ground

Too much water in an area will cause the soil to split and drop away. Worse than cracks would be holes in your yard. If you see this act quickly to remedy your drainage problem.

Excess Water Under Downspouts and Gutters

If you have excess water is hanging around under your downspout and gutters it is also probably leaking under your house and hurting your foundation. Maybe you have clogged gutters or your downspout isn’t large enough but you want the water to be guided away from your home.

You could attempt to fix this yourself or get a friend with a truck help you…


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