Lawn Care Tips – What Kind of Fertilizer Should I Use On My Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky Lawn?

Fertilize Your LawnMost grass in the Greater Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky area are cool season grasses like Bluegrass, Perennial Ryegrass, and Fescue. Cool season grasses will go dormant and turn brown in extreme heat, prolonged heat waves, or drought. It is very important to buy the right type of fertilizer for your cool season grass and to follow the directions correctly  to avoid damaging your lawn.

What Kind of Fertilizer is Best to Use On My Lawn?

All fertilizers have a balance of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium that help your lawn to get the appropriate amounts of the right minerals to grow lush and thick. The mixture and the timing makes all the difference and you’ll need to know the difference between water-soluble, water insoluble, and organic fertilizers before choosing one for your lawn.

Water-insoluble Fertilizers Are Best To Use in the Early Spring

Water-insoluble fertilizers release nitrogen into the soil slowly, which allows your turf to grow slowly and build a healthy root system. Water-insoluble fertilizers won’t make your soil acidic and won’t harm plant growth or root formation.

Water-soluble Fertilizers Are Best To Use in the Late Spring

Water-soluble fertilizers releases nitrogen quickly into the soil for a quick shot of grass growth but can make your soil acidic, which isn’t ideal for healthy plant growth or root formation.

Organic Fertilizers

Organic Fertilizers feed your soil for the long-term and will create a healthy and nutrient rich soil for your lawn and plants. In most cases, organic fertilizers contain compost, protein-based ingredients, and natural microbes. Organic fertilizers aren’t your choice for quick results.

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