Lawn Care Tips: How to Prevent and Get Rid of Fungus in Your Lawn

The Fungus Among UsEvery lawn has fungus and bacteria living in it and it’s good to have them there so they can help decompose clippings and thatch.  Fungus and bacteria also break-down fertilizers and help your grass get nutrients but some kinds of funguses can bring disease to your grass and plants. Late spring and summer is a prime time for lawn disease so use the following tips to keep your lawn healthy.

Don’t Over Water Your Grass

Fungus loves water and it’s best just to water your lawn once a week or so in the summer months when the turf can dry right after the watering.  It’s best to do this as sunrise.

Bag Your Clippings If You Have a Fungus Problem

When you bag your clippings you make sure to remove the fungus-infested grass blades which will stop the fungus from spreading.  Try mowing the infested area last so you don’t spread it to healthy parts of your lawn.

Quick Bursts of Lawn Growth Can Attract Disease

Fertilizers that are “time released” and spread just a few times a years is better than using bags of powered manure.  Best time for the fertilizer spreading is in beginning in mid-April or early May and make sure to spread it 6 weeks apart.

Mow With a Sharp Blade

A dull mower blade will increases the chance of disease by 20% since it rips or shreds the top of the grass instead of cutting it. This is like leaving an “open wound” for spores to enter the blades of grass.

Leave Grass a Bit Higher in the Summer

By leaving grass higher in the summer you shade your lawn and let it retain some moisture, which in turn encourages deep root growth. A thick lawn prevents transient weed seeds or fungus spores to spread.

Aerate Your Grass in the Fall

Aeration gets rid of heavy thatch layers that are a breeding ground for fungus and allows your lawn to get deep root growth.


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