Lawn Care & Landscaping Services Buyer’s Guide: #1 What Is Your Landscaping Situation?

Landscaping ChecklistLooking to hire or replace a professional lawn maintenance company? We’ve created this Lawn Care Services Buyer’s Guide Blog Series to make your decision as easy as possible. First things first!… Before you can interview a landscaping company you will need to figure out what your landscaping situation is and decide on what services you want to acquire.

What Landscaping Services Do You Need Or Want?

From the following list of landscaping services, figure out which ones you want to handle yourself and which you want to hand over to a professional landscaper. Do you have the time, knowledge, or health to handle some of the following tasks yourself?

  1. Mowing and edging
  2. Fertilizing
  3. Weed pulling or killing
  4. Bug and/or disease treatment
  5. Lawn aeration
  6. Irrigation system maintenance and repair
  7. Trimming shrubs or hedges
  8. Planting and reseeding
  9. Mulching
  10. Clean-up and hauling

What Tasks Should Your Do Yourself, If Any?

Just because you want to handle some of the landscaping tasks, doesn’t mean you should or that you have the right equipment to get the job done. The next post in this series will cover what material resources you’ll need and tradeoffs you should weigh for doing the work yourself.

Lawn Care & Landscaping Buyer’s Guide Series Posts

Other Than Your Cashflow, It Always Comes Down To This…

Doing it yourself


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