Lawn Care & Landscaping Services Buyer’s Guide: #3 What Are the Special Conditions of Your Yard That Can Impact Its Care and Maintenance?

dog landscaping problemsLooking to hire or replace a professional lawn maintenance company? We’ve created this Lawn Care Services Buyer’s Guide Blog Series to make your decision as easy as possible. You’ve figured out your landscaping situation, what services you need, and which tasks you want to complete yourself. Now you need to figure out what is special about your yard so you can find the right landscaping company to help you. 

Questions to Ask Yourself If You Have a Dog…

  • Does your dog being outside prevent easy access to your property by landscaping help?
  • How will you keep your dog from getting loose while the landscapers are there?
  • Should your dog be put inside during the days the landscaping company works on your yard?
  • Are pet droppings a problem in your yard? They and really make a mess for a landscapers mowing equipment.
  • Should a pooper scooper service be something you need?

Questions to Ask Yourself If You Have a Bunch of Treasures in Your Yard…

  • Will your lawn furniture, lawn ornaments, or other special items need to be moved to make way for the landscapers?
  • Do you have any plants in your yard that need special care?  Make sure to talk this over with landscaping company prospects to make sure they can properly care for your special plants.

Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Current Lawn and Landscaping…

  • What is the condition and health of your lawn and landscaping currently? If poor, then it will take some time to get everything back in order and then will become much easier to maintain as time goes by. Maybe there is a renovation program that needs to be implemented first before a normal maintenance program can be used.
  • Are you committed to letting the landscaper complete the full program? It can require patience as your lawn and landscaping recovers.

Next Time…

We’ll look at how to find a landscaping company that can match your personality and be a good partner for you in the long term.

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Other Than Your Cashflow, It Always Comes Down To This…

Doing it yourself


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