Lawn Care & Landscaping Services Buyer’s Guide: #2 What Landscaping Tasks Do You Have the Time and Equipment To Complete Yourself?

frustrated landscaperLooking to hire or replace a professional lawn maintenance company? We’ve created this Lawn Care Services Buyer’s Guide Blog Series to make your decision as easy as possible. You’ve figured out your landscaping situation and what services you need and now you need to figure out which, if any, tasks you want to do yourself. To complete the tasks you’ll have to have the right equipment, landscaping knowledge. and the ability to handle the tasks.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Attempting to Do Some Tasks Yourself

  • Do I have landscaping equipment?
  • Is my current landscaping equipment in good shape or do I need to replace it?
  • Does using landscaping equipment scare me? frustrate me?
  • Would more high powered equipment make these tasks easier?
  • If I bought all the tools I need to properly maintain the landscaping tasks I choose, what would it cost me?
  • Do I have space to store all my landscaping equipment and supplies?
  • Is my storage space cramped? Would it frustrate me every time I looked for something?
  • Does my storage space properly keep out the moisture and cold to keep the tools and supplies in good shape?
  • Is there a better use for the space I use to store all my landscaping equipment and supplies?

Is Landscaping Something You Are Good At? Do you Have the Time to Commit To Landscaping Tasks? 

  • After you work on a landscaping task, are you happy with the result? Do you feel like it’s time spent well?
  • How large is your yard?
  • How busy are you? Can you really fit anything else in your schedule?
  • How much time a week would you need to devote to the task, you’re thinking about completing? Including the work, getting supplies, and cleaning up the mess.
  • Are you physically able to handle the landscaping tasks, you’re thinking about completing?

These questions will help you figure out if you have the time or will to complete the tasks you think you may want to complete. One sure fire way to know if you don’t have the time is that you are constantly being pressured to get to the outside chores or that projects are neglected to a point where it takes 2-3 times more work to get them fixed when you decide to work on them. In most cases, it’s best for homeowners to pick what is really rewarding for them and things they have more than enough time to complete. Then to call in someone to take care of the projects that they have no will or time to complete.

Next Time…

We’ll look at what is special about your yard next time so you can pick the right landscaping service to help you with your special tasks.

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Other Than Your Cashflow, It Always Comes Down To This…

Doing it yourself


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