Lawn and Landscaping FAQs: Is Fertilizer Important for My Lawn?

Over Outer Image Outdoor Services’ 20+ years experience in providing lawn care and landscaping services to the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area we get some of the same questions over and over again. It’s because they are GOOD questions. This frequently asked questions blog series is to help answer those questions as simply as possible. 

Outdoor ServicesIs Fertilizer Important for My Lawn?

Fertilized lawns keep their health and vigor and will be better at preventing weed infestations as well as drought and disease. Lawns that are thick and healthy produce a lot of oxygen, provide a safe playing surface, and filter and enhance groundwater quality.  Quality ground water cools the air during hot weather and traps urban dust and pollution. It also helps people feel better about themselves and their surroundings. Outer Image develops a fertilizing plan for each property it manages. Fertilizers must be applied evenly and at the proper rate to prevent burning or leaving stripes on your lawn, so make sure you know what you’re doing. If not, leave it to a pro like Outer Image Outdoor Services.

Frequently Asked Questions Series

The key to having a thick, green lawn is hiring an experienced Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky Lawn Care Service who has the equipment and know-how to keep your lawn in its best shape. Leave it to the Pros at Outer Image Outdoor Services!

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