Lawn Care Tips – A Simple Fall Aeration and Overseeding Can Rejuvenate Your Lawn

Business owners and homeowners know that a first impression is big thing for visiting clients, partners, and guests.  One way to insure that your Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky lawn come back strong every years is a fall aeration and overseeding. Aeration uses special aeration equipment to penetrate the soil and pull out plugs from the soil. This process loosens up the soil and lets plants (like your grass) grow better since air, water, and nutrients will have an easier time of reaching the grassroots. The cores then decompose over a couple of weeks and return nutrients and topsoil back in the holes with the help of mowings and natural elements like sun and rain. 

Aeration Explained

Symptoms of Compacted Soil

The Lawn Institute estimates that over two-thirds of American lawns are growing on compacted soil. This compaction will make grass seem a bit off-color and thin especially in times of high temperatures. Weak grass will also be more susceptible to insect and disease infestation which will show up as brown spots on your lawn.

AerationYes, You’ll Need It Again Next Year! Here’s Why…

Thatch accumulates right on top of the soil and it consists of grass stems, roots, clippings and debris. The thatch settles on the ground and accumulates over time and the aeration process helps break it up to return your lawn to its best growing consistency. Also, each year foot and equipment traffic, summer heat, and regular rainfall will compact the soil again. This is why you need to aerate the lawn annually to keep your grass in the best shape possible.

Most Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky Lawn Aeration is Best Done in the Fall

On most cool-season turfs like we have in Greater Cincinnati, it’s best to aerate in the fall because these cool-season turfs begin their rapid growth in the fall. Aeration loosens the soil so your lawn can get the most out of it’s rapid growth spurt down to protects itself during the upcoming winter. Seed germination and turfgrass establishment takes roughly 14 to 21 days so you’ll want to get your aeration down in September or October before the real cooler weather sets in.  For warm season turf like bermudagrass, zoysiagrass or centipedegrass we suggest aeration in the spring.

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