Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky Lawn Care Tips – How to Get a LEVEL Lawn

level lawnIs your lawn uneven? Do you have holes or dips in your lawn just looking to turn someone’s ankle?  If so, the following tips will help you get the level lawn that you’ve always wanted.  The Good news is that getting your lawn to be level isn’t so hard.

You’ll Need the Following Equipment

  • Square-nosed Shovel to spread the lawn mix
  • Straight Garden or Solid Bow Rake
  • 2 Buckets for spreading a compost/sand mixture
  • Orange sand instead of playground or river sand because it has nutrients in it for your lawn and is finer than the other sands

Fix the Holes, Ruts, Dips with Compost/Sand Mixture

  1. Fill the problem areas with your mixture
  2. Use the rake to level the sand with your existing lawn
  3. Dampen (don’t saturate) the mixture and let it settle for several hours
  4. Repeat the leveling and spreading process with high quality top soil instead of your mixture.
  5. Let that settle also for several hours
  6. Then spread and rake a final layer of good compost (not your mixture) over the unlevel areas.

Don’t rush the process because if you do the new materials will settle over time and leave you with a still unlevel lawn. Layering your compost and sand mixture, topsoil, and a compost dressing on top will help with the grown process.

You can attempt to do all of this yourself…


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