Using Landscaping to Increase the Property Value of Your Home

landscaping and property valuesLandscaping additions will boosts your curb appeal and your property value. The more mature your trees and plants are, the more your landscaping will affect the value of your home. A University of Michigan study found that consumers value a landscaped home 11.3 percent more than a home without good landscaping. states that hedges alone raise your property value by 3.6 percent. A Virginia Tech study found good landscaping adds $16,500 to $38,100 in value on a $300,000 home.


Planting trees will lower energy use and improve property value. Trees hide bad views, shade your home, and muffle unwanted sounds. Many trees are downright beautiful in the fall as their leaves change. Planting shade trees on the south and west faces of your house will save winter energy costs up to 15% and summer energy costs up to 50 percent. That’s huge!!!! An average tree cleans 330 pounds of CO2 annually and provides enough oxygen for an entire family. Trees reduce stormwater runoff and filter water as it makes it’s way to the ground.

Water Features

The look and sound of water turn a yard into a sanctuary. Like trees, the sound of water blocks unwanted noise. The water will attract birds and butterflies, bringing nature to your doorstep. A fountain or small pond can be installed for as low as $200-$300. There is a water feature for every type of budget. Remember to include aquatic plants and some fish if you have a pond. And don’t forget to make a great place to sit.

Native Plants

If you use “native” plants then you won’t need to water as much and the normal pests in your area won’t have as much effect. The native plants will grow well in your area and require little care. A Applied Ecological Services study shows that it takes $3,000 to maintain an acre of native plants over 20 years. Compare that to $20,000 for non-native plants! Native plants will also provide seeds, nuts and fruits for birds, and nectar for hummingbirds and butterflies. See for more information on native planting.

Professional Landscape Design Plan

You need to start with a plan or things can go sideways quickly! The last thing you want is a disorganized look and feel to your yard that will decrease the value of your home. You can plant and budget in phases with the right plan.

Landscaping Needs to Be Maintained

Overgrown landscaping or a bad lawn sends the wrong message to potential buyers. Make sure your trees and bushes aren’t overgrown or blocking the view of your home. A good lawn service company will get your turf in good shape and trim everything else that needs trimming. Mulching will improve the looks of your landscaping and will conserve water, shield plant roots and discourage weeds.

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