Need to Build a Retaining Wall? Here Are Some Helpful Tips To Know Before Building Your Retaining Wall

retaining wallsRetaining walls can be a large investment of time and money so check out these tips before trying to build one yourself (not suggested) or hiring a pro to help you. 

Design Your Wall To Be Used Within Your Lifestyle

Retaining walls are sometimes only thought of as ways to hold back soil but if they are done right they can beautify your outdoor living space. Retaining walls can curve to lay with the land to provide a boost to your landscaping design. Some builders use a long garden hose or rope to set the layout of the curve that they will later cut into the soil for the wall.

Larger Walls Will Need Some Engineering Work

Small retaining walls of less than four feet don’t need too much planning but larger walls above 4 feet may need some engineering work to make sure the structure can do what it’s designed to do. Make sure to check with local codes before building your wall.

Maybe You Need Terracing

From a lower grade you will need to think about gradually stepping up the retaining wall to reach greater slopes. You can do this in increments.

You’ll Need a Solid Base

Dig your base 3-4 inches below grade and tamp it level. Add filler like gravel before adding your wall materials. The base of your wall is the most important step since it sets the tone for the entire wall. Make sure to keep everything level to maintain a sturdy and balanced wall.

Don’t Forget Drainage

Retaining walls that have slopes to them will need drainage at the base. Make sure to add gravel and fabric-covered drainage pipes at the base. The fabric prevents clogging so that you won’t have to dig out the drainage pipe later.

You can attempt to do this yourself…


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