Need Some Repairs Done? Knowing The Difference Between a Handyman and a Contractor

HandymanMaybe you need some repairs and your hubby just can’t nail two boards to together. Maybe something is wrong with one of your rental properties and you don’t have the time to fix it yourself. The following lays out the differences between the services of a handyman and a contractor.

The Size of the Project Usually Determines if You Need a Handyman or a Contractor

If you only need minor repairs then it’s almost always less expensive to hire a Handyman. If you project is large, you’ll want a contractor who is most definitely licensed for the work you need. A contractor will also have backup support make getting building permits a breeze, etc. A general rule of thumb is that handymen are for smaller repairs and contractors for large projects. Also, even if you want and are willing to pay a contractor for a small repair it will be tough for them to commit. Almost all contractors are setup to work on larger projects.


  • Have varied experience working with most any minor repair needed at your home or office
  • Have flexible scheduling
  • Are willing to work on small projects

Work Examples – Patching holes in walls, replacing weather-stripping, and caulking windows.


  • Have a specialty and are licensed to perform certain tasks
  • Have less flexible scheduling
  • Work on larger projects
  • Work will be done to code

Work Examples – Room additions, Basement Renovations, and Full electrical Rewiring

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