Landscaping Design Tips – 2016 Landscaping Trends Coming to a Home Near You!

We’ve noticed some landscaping design trends and wanted to share them with you. We understand that trends in landscaping, like fashion, can be fleeting at best, so we try to stay away from proposing ideas that we don’t think you’ll like in 5 years time. That’s our rule of thumb when telling clients about what trends we are seeing in the field. It feels like we are seeing a bunch of classic concepts reemerge with some contemporary twists. 

Modern Lanscaping

Bring in the Color!

We are seeing colorful fences and ornate sculptures instead of white picket fences and natural stone. As always, a bunch of color with flora and fauna is always trendy!

Using Native Plants

We are seeing less exotic plants and more native plants. Then taking those native plants and planting them in new and unique patterns.

Bring the Indoors… Outdoors

New technology is allowing more and more people to bring the indoors to the outdoors. Outdoor kitchens, bars, fire pits, and meeting areas are extremely popular.

Modern Technology 

Again, technology is allowing designers to use technology heavy water features and different types of lighting to outdoor settings. The modern sleek look is IN… in a big way!

You could attempt to create these updates yourself…


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